Tips of how to enjoy a Zanzibar Safari

Sansibar Urlaub

Do you crave a visit to the ancient East African coastline? This is a place rich in historical ruins of ancient events travelers. The history stretches back to the 11th century when the Arabs first arrived for black slaves. This Island is also the source of Swahili language because the Arabs first interacted with indigenous Bantu tribes. This is the most widely spoken language among African nations that emanated from within the region.

If you need to travel to this region, Sansibar Urlaub is the best answer to your desires. You will need to take much time in this country because it offers more than you expect or have in your guidebook.

National Culture

Since the island was part of the mainland Tanzania for a long time, it shares its culture and traditions with the larger peaceful Tanzania. For example, you will be meeting peaceful courteous and welcoming people who will seem to be extremely concerned about you. They are known to be the most social people you will ever meet in Africa.

You will need to shake off your formality and business-lifestyle that you are used to and allow yourself to soak the local culture. Do not be offended with people who are keen on your whereabouts and take time to talk to inquire about your welfare. It is the norm in this part of the earth. Stop and wave to people or shake hands to make sure you will enjoy your Sansibar tour.


The island is small enough to complete a tour in a few days. However, it has many historical sites that will take more time to explore than you may have easily planned. The experience is not only educative but also thrilling. For example, since the place was an entry point for ships, it has evidence of ancient cultures such as the Portuguese, Chinese, Indians, and Arabs.

If you are lover of historical facts and ruins, this place will remain an important place to visit for a long time. The ruins have been well maintained over the years too. Most importantly, most of them are cheaply accessible. The rest are cost-free, as the locals do not care much about them.

Take Vaccinations

The early foreign visitors all succumbed to a common problem; Malaria. Mosquitoes are abundant in this region and the only way to stay safe will be to take advantage of vaccinations before you arrive. Visit your doctor and get the appropriate professional advice.


To enjoy your stay on the East African Island of Zanzibar, you need to make adequate preparation to avoid sickly moments. Apart from taking vaccinations, you need to exercise frequently to develop a strong body. Keeping fit helps to fight diseases too so will recover fast from whatever infections you get and proceed with your vacation. You also need to check on the food to take by restricting to a familiar diet.

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