Customizing Your Check Printing with Branding and Logos

Check Printing

Over time, an increasing number of businesses have come to recognize the benefit of outsourcing the majority of their check printing and mailing needs. By working with a partner who specializes in managing checks, your business will be able to increase security and quality while simultaneously saving time and money.

But while the benefits of using a check printing and mailing service might be apparent, there are still many different things that can set these services apart. Quality of service, price, and the number of services available are just a few of the things you will need to keep in mind when comparing prospective partners.

As is the case with many outsourced companies, check printing services have recently experienced an increased emphasis on personalizing products. It is now much easier to create personal checks and, consequently, most businesses now have much more flexibility than they did a few years ago.

In this article, we will explore some of the most important things for your business to keep in mind when creating customized checks. We will also attempt to help you determine which specific check printing and mailing services may be right for your business. Modifying the ways that checks are printed and mailed will be one of the most accessible ways for your business to improve its operations.

The Benefits of Customized Check Printing

While some business owners may assume that all checks are created equal, this is actually very rarely the case. There are often considerable differences between various types of checks and, because each check represents a valuable form of communication, these differences should be actively accounted for.

By creating customized checks, you will gain a new opportunity to use and express your company’s brand. These checks can be enhanced using logos, watermarks, company-specific fonts, and various other features. The best check printing companies will be able to easily create several prototypes for you to compare before making any commitments.

Using customized logos, fonts, and watermarks will also help further legitimize your business as a whole. Even if you are currently a startup, that doesn’t mean you should try to get away with using the same types of checks being issued at commercial banks. Committing to using customized checks shows that your business has confidence in itself and believes that the brand is something that is actually here to stay.

Beyond these brand and marketing-related benefits, customized checks are also usually of a much higher quality. Having access to the best paper, ink, and check printing materials available is undeniably a good thing. Furthermore, it becomes possible to use various security features that your business would likely otherwise not have access to.

Things to Think About when Creating a Customized Check

Creating a customized checking process can be very exciting. But, as is the case when you are customizing seemingly anything, there are still several very important decisions that will need to be made throughout the process.

As stated, checks can be considered a vital form of communication that connects you to whoever it is that you are writing the check for (employees, suppliers, partners, clients, etc.). Naturally, it will be important for your business to decide the specific message you are hoping to communicate.

When designing a customized check, consider these things:

  • Size, color, and intensity of your logos: though you will want your logos to be noticeable, it will also be important to make sure that all relevant information on the printed check can still be easily read.
  • Frequency of logo use: in order to avoid oversaturating your brand, you may want to consider only using a watermark or a logo in the corner.
  • Font: any company-specific fonts should try to balance aesthetic appeal (tied to the brand) with general readability.
  • Price: checks that involve more colors, more customized details, and more complex features will naturally be more expensive. Sometimes simpler options will make the most sense.

In other words, creating the perfect customized check will require you to consider both creative and practical details.

Essential Security Features to Include

Because checks contain important financial information, it is very important that you take as many security measures as you possibly can. In addition to providing your business with an additional layer of legal protection, these security measures will demonstrate to your checking partners that you care about their well-being.

Fortunately, there are many different ways that the security of a business check can be enhanced.

  • Explicit warning bands and “Do Not Negotiate Labels”
  • Controlled paper stock and sequenced inventory control numbers (to help decrease the probability of checking fraud)
  • Chemical sensitivity, chemical wash detection box, and a copy void pantograph
  • Visible fibers, laid lines, and fluorescent fibers
  • Microprinting

It may also help to install a system that is currently referred to as positive pay. With a positive pay system, a bank’s cash management department will be able to easily identify fraud by matching check numbers against the checks that have been presented. Any measure you can take to combat check fraud and assure the smooth operating of your company will certainly be worth it.

Deciding which Check Printing and Mailing Service is Right for You

Once you have decided that you do, in fact, want to go ahead with purchasing customized business checks, you will also need to decide who is going to be in charge of the check printing. In response to increased customer demand, there are currently many check printing and mailing services available for small businesses to choose from.

After visiting the websites of each of your prospective options, it will be worth time to speak with a representative and ask them any relevant questions.

  • What are the different ways that my business checks can be customized?
  • What are the standard security features you include?
  • How do you price your check printing services? Do per-unit costs decrease as volume goes up?
  • What are the other services that your company currently offers?
  • Why should we choose you as the company in charge of printing and mailing our checks?

There are likely many companies out there that your business would consider to be acceptable. But by doing a little bit of research, you can be much more confident that the company you chose was the right one for you.


Contrary to popular belief, check printing and mailing doesn’t need to be one of the “duller” components of the business cycle. Between logos, watermarks, fonts, and special features, there are many different options for you to customize your checks in a creative way.

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