Passing Redhat Rhcsa Exam - Ex-200


If you have decided to step into the cyber-security field then it is definitely the time to be considering the RHCSA test. Since the test is specialized on LInuxOS, if you are looking forward getting deeper into that Operative System, and take a step up your cyber-security career, then you should definitely consider it. However, taking a certification exam never ceases to be scary, whether it was your language certification in High School or the RHCSA you often feel like you can’t study enough for these things. So, now here are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to study for your EX200.

What exactly is the RHCSA?

The RHCSA (which stands for Red Hat Certified System Administrator) is a certification that regards actual competencies at system administration, among them there are installation and configuration of a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. Also, the attachment of it to a live network and running network services. To get this certification you need to go through the EX200 exam, which is a 2 hour and a half, hands-on exam.

How to study for RHCSA?

1.Buy a book that you understand or look for an online course on RHCSA preparation. Considering the exam is hands-on, a course is more recommended.

  1. Look for a mock assignment and do it before you do anything else, this will tell you where you stand.
  2. Every time you hear or read a new tip you didn’t know, write it down.
  3. Doing practice questions and labs is essential for this test, you want to make sure you can do every single possible topic scenario. So, as you go on the course or the book do every single assignment.

5.Do another mock test

  1. Look for videos on the exam and watch as many as you can

7.Do more practice tests, like a lot more. There are a lot of web sites that offer practice tests, and you need to be super familiarized with them to make sure you perform well at the EX200.

  1. Make sure you are getting around 3.4 hours of daily studying

What to expect from the exam?

1.It is going to be a lot harder than you think. Not that we want to scare you, but between the nerves the menacing scenario and the fact that you only have two and a half hours, it is pretty hard. Especially if you didn’t get your preparation super good.

2.There is no theory at all

  1. You will need to attend 20 questions of maximum 300 marks. When you score a minimum of 210 out of 300, then you are considered qualified.
  2. Every single person around you has a different test, so don’t stress because theirs is too different. And definitely don’t copy.

5.You’ll receive your results after 7 days

Common mistakes to avoid on this certification

Not doing these could seriously cost you your grade at this exam, so pay attention to the following things:

First, always reboot the system after the completion of every question. And also, make sure that before you reboot you start services and check the configuration before.

Second, complete the first question on the first attempt before switching questions, also, make sure you read this question (and all questions) very carefully, one word could change the whole context of a question.

Finally, don’t be an overachiever, don’t try to perform anything extra that you are not asked to, just focus and do what you are told.

The questions that you’ll be facing during the test are very similar to the ones you just saw, usually as the questions build up so do the tasks and the complexity of them. For a better preparation, check out as many sample question forums you can. The forums that have discussions other than only answers to the questions are the best, since they allow you to enter deeper into the topic of the question.

More details about RHCSA exam questions 2019 can be found inside of the following site:

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