Compensation Is A Right

If you have been a victim of someone else’s negligence or callous attitude and have suffered loss to life and property, it is your fervent right to claim compensation. The payment of compensation for any type of injury caused by another is embodied in the judicial system of the United States in general and every one of its states n particular. The quantum of compensation would depend on the type of injury, loss or disability caused and it may be a far cry to obtain it, without recourse to litigation.


Initiating litigation could be a harrowing experience especially if you are one of those ordinary folks who have been nonchalantly going about your business until tragedy struck. You need not have to worry if you are domiciled in West Pennsylvania and are living around the counties of Butler, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Allegheny or Erie. You could call upon us, who are the best in the business with fifty years of combined legal practice and experience behind us, a law firm that translates words into deeds. We will not only fight for your right to adequate compensation but would also ensure that the accident that occurred to you due to someone else’s negligence does not happen again.

The experience and expertise that we at Goodrich & Geist PC, have gained and bring forth to your compensation case is comparable to none. As a progressively thinking law firm we know the predicament that you are in and would assure you that we would leave no stone unturned to ensure you get your “pound of flesh”. The opposing camp would endeavor to cut corners wherever possible and try to reduce the quantum of compensation but our experience and commitment would be unshakeable.

We would be glad to handle any issue where you have been at the butt end of negligence and s liable to be paid compensation. It may be a traffic accident, work related issue where you have been injured, loss of limb or career and there are a host of other issues which could go wrong, causing you injury. Whatever it may be it is imperative that you initiate litigation and by doing so you would be better equipped to negotiate a settlement.

There are certain statutory limitations and time bars within which you are required to file compensation claims and doing them beyond those limitations would deny you that opportunity. Hence it is imperative that you discuss your predicament in detail with us, we would give you a patient hearing which would be FREE, and once assessed we advice you, or your kith. Once we have all the information we will devise a strategy on how we need to proceed on the matter and fix the amount of compensation that you are liable or could claim under the circumstances. We will do all that is needful and you pay us nothing until the final determination of the case and on prior agreement we would gladly take a percentage of the compensation paid to you.

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