Ty Rhame’s Advice for business success


To be a series businessman, you need to be proactive. No one ever succeeded by just hanging around waiting for it to come by. You have to go out there and look for it. You have to get up and do something about you situation. You have to look for your business insight. In the process of being an entrepreneur you learn.

Surround yourself with resourceful people

Ty Rhame’s experience in entrepreneurship brought him fame. Though serving as a Military in the United States Air Force Reserves, he finds time to do business, this means that anyone can do it no matter what you do for a living. One of The best advices he gives entrepreneurs doing business is that they should always surround themselves with resourceful and smart people they can always turn to when need arises. When you are in business, the probability of things going wrong is very high so he always advise entrepreneurs doing business to always learn how to look for help when needed. You can shortcut a great deal of learning by leveraging the success of those that you look up to as role models.

Be diligent in employing

He says you should always be fast to sack but slow to hire. Meaning that you should always sack those who are not helping you add value to your business then take your time to hire those people who will dedicate their time for your success. So you should be deliberate in deciding the type of people you want to hire for your business. Some people will drive the culture and attitude of your business. So Tyson Rhame suggest in strong term that you should always take your time to hire the right people, take your time to develop and train them to fit into your business model and do not hesitate to take action if the decision seem to be wrong.

Develop new skills

Ty Rhame always advise any entrepreneur to spend time on their own to build and horn their leadership skills to become good leaders as it will always pay off in the end. You have to be flexible in your approach and always try to learn new skills in motivating your employees and making them successful. He reminds that employees that feels good about what they do always feel valued for their contribution toward the business and see the future with business are always the happiest and likely are very productive.

He also reiterate that business people should make it a way of life to make constant improvement. This is because at a point when a bit has been achieved, you feel happy and go cold. You should always look for better ways to do things. It is very ok to start with the craziest ideas you can think of and be sure that the beginning won’t be an easy ride but once it starts, it gets going.

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