Free Themes to generate organic traffic in WordPress

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is something that every website needs. They play a major role in the market and have existed ever since the inception of search engines. Having a huge number of hits and visitors from search engines should be the aim of any website. While creating a website and posting content is enough to get you a place in Google's search results, it is not enough to climb the ranks to prime spots. SEO is crucial to increase your rankings and generate more organic traffic. Here we have listed best free SEO themes for WordPress.


Astra is a free WordPress theme that comes from team Brainstorm Force – the pioneers of page builder addons and some highly useful and effective tools for WordPress.

When we are talking about SEO and search engine results, schema markups and breadcrumbs play a very important role. They help search engines understand your website better and display a rich snippet that in turn boosts your website CTR – and might take you higher on the results page. Astra is the fastest WordPress theme that has these inbuilt. There are various other factors such as faster loading time, optimized headers, AMP support, etc. that make Astra the best pick for an SEO friendly WordPress theme.


This is a content focused WordPress theme that is both SEO friendly and very beautiful. This theme was created by ThemeIsle and is one of the best free themes in WordPress. The theme is very lightweight, highly customizable, and very elegant, making it a prime choice for people who want to blog about their interests.


This is a theme that was created by MeridianThemes Store, it was founded by Devesh Sharma, who also had founded the WPKube. The theme has an elegant structure and a sophisticated layout that gives it a premium feel, even though the theme is absolutely free. The minimal and well-structured layout results in very short load times and is completely optimized for speed and SEO. The only drawback is that it does have many limitations on customizations, you will not even be able to change the typography. That said it is an excellent theme and is best suited for bloggers.


This is an outstanding free theme made by Nicolas. This masterpiece is one of the most customizable themes in WordPress. The site is fully optimized for SEO. It is extremely customizable, has very short load times, is very intuitive, and can be readily integrated with WooCommerce plugin. If you have any queries, they have a team of experts to sort the problems out for you. The extreme customizability of the theme means that you will be able to alter every element and area on the webpage. This free theme also supports many extensions and plugins, to give you the added functionality that you might need.


This is a free theme that was developed by MachoThemes. It has an impressive layout and is filled with many customization options. The typography and colors of the theme are meant for easy reading, so your posts will be very user-friendly. While the site was meant mostly for businesses and related niches, it also performs well when used for lifestyle and photography blogs.

Wrapping it up!

While it is important to make sure that a theme is SEO friendly, you also need to see the features it comes with. However, it is also important to see that these features do not bloat your website with unnecessary code.

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