Does your VIN Number have to be visible?


Almost every household has a minimum of one car. Some might have more than one depending upon their needs and use. The demand is increasing with every day. The distances have increased, and we are not used to going on foot. Cars have tremendously helped us in traveling faster and reaching our destination in a shorter time.

There are many cars manufacturers with astonishing car models. Each has its unique features. Carmakers are working their best to upgrade the current models of the car for the ease and comfort of people. No matter how much advancement they make in cars, few things remain common like car VIN.

What is the VIN Number?

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Every car has its special VIN. They act like fingerprints in cars. No other car will have the same VIN. It is not your regular car plate number. It is made up of seventeen different characters made up of letters and numbers. Each character is unique as it describes information about the vehicle.

What information is found on VIN?

The VIN of your car has the following information:

  1. The model year of the car
  2. The place of car’s manufacturing
  3. Sequential serial number
  4. Vehicle’s features
  5. equipment for safety
  6. Manufacturer’s WMI

Importance of VIN Number:

VIN is there for a purpose. It is primarily used for identification of your car history and events. It has information about the manufacturing of your car to accidents and insurance coverage. It helps you in deeper understanding about your car and its features. It also helps if someone buys a car, he can check all about the car's history from the VIN. Before buying a car, also check that is the VIN of the car is the same as mentioned in the car book. If not then skip buying that car for safety reasons.

Where to find your VIN?

You might be thinking about where the VIN in your car is. There are some places in your car where you can look for your VIN. Look at the following places to find out your VIN:

  1. Under the hood of your front engine part
  2. An insurance policy or card
  3. Check the lower left side of your dashboard
  4. Look into the spare tire
  5. Check the driver’s door.

How to read the VIN Number?

VIN is composed of numbers and characters which are not easy to read. For this purpose, VIN Decoders are available usually for free on the Internet. You simply put your VIN into the VIN decoder, and it will give you all the information about your car. It will give you details about the manufacturing of the car, any damage to the car or stolen cases. You will get all the information about the car you need.

Does your VIN Number have to be visible?

The VIN of every car is unique and is important. You will find your VIN at places where it is not so easy to look at or is usually hidden. That is done for a purpose. Your VIN Number should not be visible for security reasons. It is only for the car’s owner. He has the authority and right to have the details about his car and no one else. Your car can be in danger if anyone else has your VIN Number. Thieves can copy your VIN and may make duplicate car keys or car documents. It is highly recommended not to give your VIN to anyone and let it stay invisible. If your car gets stolen, you can track your car from VIN.

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