Commercial Cleaners V’s Domestic Cleaners. What’s the Difference?

Cleaning properly requires attention to detail which takes time. But, if you have no time to clean your home or you own a business and need cleaning services, then you’ will need to interview and engage a cleaner or a cleaning company. But what’s the difference between commercial and domestic cleaners? Why would you choose one over another? Here are some of the main differences between them.


It’s primarily a matter of context and scale. Domestic cleaning is done in a domestic environment and commercial cleaning is done in a business environment and these different contexts require different tools, chemicals and cleaning methods.

Commercial cleaners are trained and skilled in perform cleaning tasks in larger business areas and contexts which can also include industrial premises. As for the domestic cleaners, they specialize in cleaning tasks performed in a residential environment.



When it comes to cleaning tools or equipment, commercial and domestic cleaners use different types of cleaning equipment. Commercial cleaners have to handle larger scale jobs. They are required to use cleaning tools, materials, and equipment that are not applicable for residential use. Huge floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, and other specialised commercial grade equipment are designed to accommodate a more effective cleaning in wider and larger areas.

On the other hand, domestic cleaners only require simple cleaning tools and equipment. This is because they find it more convenient to use in smaller areas.


Domestic cleaning can be different from commercial cleaning when it comes to different cleaning contexts and processes. Commercial cleaners usually divide their tasks and perform more complicated cleaning process related to machinery, production process and high traffic public spaces while domestic cleaners have more everyday homely spaces to clean that don’t need the same frequency of cleaning.

Also, domestic and commercial spaces are different – commercial spaces often are made of harder more hardy surfaces. Furthermore, businesses often needs to meet required health standards and proper occupational health and safety laws to keep their operating license.


Commercial cleaning needs are often influenced by legislation, for example safety and health law and regulations. Often commercial cleaners are required to meet standards that relate to licencing requirements for the business, for example in the food manufacturing industry, in healthcare, aged care and restaurants.


Domestic cleaners are required according to the wants of homeowners. Often the home owner will keep the house tidy and have the cleaner come in and do the sanitising and harder cleaning tasks that require “elbow grease”, for example in showers, floors, oven cleaning and the like.

Although some companies have their in-house cleaners, they still bring in commercial cleaners for maintaining floors, carpet cleaning or window cleaning on the outside of buildings. This is because they want to ensure efficiency and complete safety.

In general, it’s safe to say that domestic cleaners are engaged to do easier and simpler cleanings tasks and can often use the equipment that the home owner owns. Depending on your cleaning needs, there is a particular service for you. So, to make the cleaning process less complicated. See to it that you are picking the right cleaning services, and if you are someone looking to start up a cleaning business, cleaning in a domestic context will certainly require less set up costs as there are no professional grade equipment required.

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