Things you should do before hiring a storage unit

Storage units are always a great help to people who are moving out or those who want to hold their items in a storage unit as their houses are being renovated. A storage unit always provides an easy and short term solution to their problems. Unfortunately, most of the people ends up using more money than they would have used because of poor planning and not knowing what to do before renting a storage unit. I use storage units near me and before renting it I had to consider doing some few things. Before you make the decision on which storage unit you should rent, you should:

storage units

  • Do your research. Don’t just rush into hiring a storage unit just because you need it. Take your time and see how many storage facilities are near you. Visit some of them and ask about security, temperature control and when you can access your belongings among other questions you might have in your mind. Explore these different facilities see how clean they are and how the customer service performs. After this small research you can compare them and choose the best facility.
  • Set a deadline. Most people ends up using more than they would have used on a storage facility because of poor planning. If you set a realistic deadline that you must follow, it will be easy to budget. Without a set deadline it is easy to postpone the day to move out and the more you postpone the more you spend. Don’t spend more money because of failing to set a deadline.
  • Think small. Think big is the term that is commonly used but in this case I want you to think small. As you choose a storage unit think in terms of the smallest storage unit that can perfect store your items. This will save you money and also stop that temptation that people usually have of adding more space whenever they are in a dilemma whether to add more space or get rid of something. Thinking small entails dissembling your furniture as you store them so that they can take the smallest space. Also stacking boxes from the floor to the ceiling is a great way of making space.
  • Consider access. As you consider which storage unit to rent you should consider how often you will need to access your belongings. If you are storing items that you rarely use, you might want to consider renting a storage unit in the suburbs. Renting a storage unit in the suburbs will require less money as compared to renting a storage unit in town. If you need to access your belongings often, consider renting a storage unit closest to you so that you don’t have to use a lot of money on transportation. Make sure to ask when you can access your things and whether the facility is accessible during holidays.
  • Calculate and understand costs. Some people signs the contract before reading it properly which ends up causing problems in future. For example during moving in you might be asked to pay 500 dollars and during the second month they ask for 600 dollars. You start complaining saying that they want to con you but it was written on the contract that during the first month you will be given a discount and then the price will go back to normal after the first month. Calculate all your monthly cost and make sure there is a guarantee the price remains the same. Some facilities offers insurance, calculate the amount of money that will be needed for insurance but if your rental insurance can cover your properties in the storage unit, the better. Calculate all these costs and find the total so that you can estimate the exact amount you are going to use on the storage unit.
  • Weigh options. There are different methods that you can use to move your things. Am sure you don’t want to move with things back and forth as you transport them to the storage unit facility. There are companies that has specialized in moving and unpacking things. Find the most affordable and use it. Alternatively, you can decide to use a portable storage unit which will not require you to hire moving this trucks.
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