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When traveling to exotic places abroad, trying foreign cuisines and sports activities, there is always a health risk lurking at the back end. Before going on trips outside your country, the first thing you should make sure is securing travel insurance. A good travel insurance would cover any accidents or sickness that might afflict you abroad. If there is an emergency situation, a travel insurance would cover your evacuation as well, which is why getting a solid insurance from trusted agencies like AARP Medicare or a Medicare Supplement 2020 would be your best bet. Here are some cheap travel insurances so you can enjoy without worry.

  1. AARP Medicare

These are trusted insurance plans supported by the United Healthcare Insurance Company. These plans are specifically targeted for people over 50. So if you are over 50 and travelling, taking out a health insurance from AARP Medicare would be a good way to secure your trip. Especially for people of a mature age, who suffer from some specific disease or allergies getting a plan is recommended. AARP Medicare generally offers travel insurance as a package with their regular plans, just check with them when you are choosing an insurance plan and ask them to include the travel insurance in your bundle as well.

  1. Medicare Supplement 2020

Another trusted name when it comes to medical insurance, AARP Medicare supplement 2020 would be a trusted name to get your travel insurance from. They guarantee a great coverage deal and through them in case of any health emergency you can go to the best places in the place without worry. They offer different types of plans at various prices. While Medicare Supplement 2020 really specializes in medical insurance but you can choose from plans aimed at travel. If chosen wisely they have some very cheap beneficial plans.

  1. World Nomads

They are web-based company aimed solely at travel insurance, you have to check their website and find a plan that suits you. They have insurance plans that can cover you up to 100,000 dollars and that even cover stolen items. They have a helpline and since they provide service internationally there are multilingual people who will help you out. You can take an insurance out even during the trip. They cover a wide number of sport related injury including bull-running.

  1. Seven Corners

Another popular travel insurance that offers travellers good deals at low prices. They are very popular with extreme sports enthusiast as their plans cover many extreme sports injuries and even if you are trying out strange food abroad. If you are heading to Thailand, the plans can cost as cheap as 27 dollars covering up to 50,000 dollars’ worth of bills.

  1. RoamRight

RoamRight offers three plans, the essential, the preferred, and the elite for different types of needs. Therefore they have plans that cover very basic medical, evacuation, cancellation charges and can cost about 79 dollars. The other plans cover adventure sports, injuries, and the like.

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