Which Is Better Between Clones And Seeds?

As a marijuana grower, you have to make careful decisions in your garden. Your first task is to figure out which is better between seed or clone. Well, you want the best option, whether you’re an inexperienced or seasoned grower. In this article, you’ll understand the right solution for you. Keep reading to find more information.

Cannabis seeds are the most comfortable way to gain full access to quality weeds. You can pick them based on flowering times, effects, sizes, and flavors. There are also hundreds of stains to choose from. You can also make your own clones. However, other people are more likely to purchase them.

Yes, buying ready-made clones can give you an advantage. Obviously, you can avoid hassles and unnecessary costs. But you can’t be sure that the items are the same strain. You don’t know whether they have rooted properly or have been infected with insects. This means that clones pose a high risk on your fungi-free garden. Not only can they thrive fast, but they can also screw up your entire plants.

Planting from cannabis seeds can help you save any trouble. If you see insect infestation, you’re aware where it came from. You can put an end to it right away.


Another huge difference between growing from clones and seeds is the yield. When planting from clones, you can get more or less the same flavor, potency, appearance, and yield. It’s extremely simple to get a large quantity of uniform buds. For instance, 2 kilos of the same marijuana.

Growing from seeds, on the other hand, allows you to find a variety of phenotypes. Some need more food or give a high yield. A few will be better than others. Sometimes, you won’t have a balanced garden. At first, this may seem a disadvantage. But, it is what most growers want. For gourmet smokers, clones are ideal. For growers who want to have more quantity and a varied supply, seeds are perfect.


Clones don’t have strong and primary roots. Well, they feed quite nicely. Unfortunately, they struggle to get deep into the substrate. This means they won’t have sturdy branches and trunks. Plus, they can’t handle much weight.

Cannabis seeds grow a tap root when germination begins. This typically grows to the bottom of the pot and leads to lateral roots. The taproot will be strong and thick over a long time. This anchors heavier and thicker buds than clones. It can also deal with extra weight, giving you peace of mind.

There are lots of differences between seeds and clones. Instead of taking advantage of clones, direct your attention to seeds. Not only are they safer for growers, but they can also ensure a large number of high-quality yield.

Cannabis seeds will give you a great and good harvest. The buds will be heavier and bigger. Perhaps, you can gain a range of flavors and effects. For those who want to be a marijuana grower, seeds are an excellent choice to have.

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