Major Tips for Using Public Storage Facilities

public storage

Almost everyone makes use of these public storage facilities once in a while. There will always be reasons to rent one, and it can crop up when you least expect it. So, in case you find yourself in a situation where you need to pay for a storage unit, here are some tips you can use to get more from your chosen storage facility:

Insist on pallets

They won't tell you this at the counter when you come to sign up, but experience has taught me that you need to keep your stuff away from the bare floor in these facilities. You know why? Because you never know when the melting snow will find its way through the floor and mess up your things. The adjacent unit can have a spill that can find its way to your prized sofa.

Wrap as much things as possible

Make use you have an industrial plastic handy to help you wrap what you can before you leave the facility. This is the only way to ensure that the things you keep in these storage units won't accumulate dust and some creeping insects while they are there.

Make use of a Hefty Small Padlock

While most storage units will have secured locks, you should not fail to pay attention to security yourself. Look for a padlock that suits all weathers with a short arm and make sure it won't be easy for a bolt cutter to slide its way easily and slide it open. You will want to meet the unit and everything you left in it same way when you return to get them, so take this extra measures for enhanced security of your stuff.

You must label things clearly

Even if you know where you placed every item in the unit given to you, you still need to do some labeling to enable you know exactly where to look for what you need by the time you come to get something after a couple of months. You don't want to go through everything before you can find what you are looking for whenever you stop by to get what you need.

Prepare for changes in temperature

This may not be applicable to where you are, but there are items that won't be the way you left them by the time you return after about six months owing to the excessive cold or heat they have experienced while in the facility.

Such items like your electronics, old photos, vinyl records, etc., should be doubled wrapped or insulated as the case may be to ensure you meet them how you left them.

These tips will help you keep your items protected for as long as they stay in the public storage facility as the attendants there won't help you look them up occasionally to see how they are faring.

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