Tattoo Removal: What to Consider Before Getting a Laser Treatment

Laser technology tattoo

Laser technology has continued to develop in the removal of tattoos. In the early years of laser technology, the best results were few and far between. Now there are a lot of laser removal devices that can ensure the customer gets the tattoo properly removed. These methods vary in their actions and the outcome of the treatment.

Due to the ample choices available on the market, it may be difficult to get the right info on what you need to consider. When considering getting your tattoo removed with a laser, you must have some questions answered. This will help you make an informed decision on the type of laser treatment(s) you may need. Here are the possible questions you may need answered when getting a tattoo removal service:

Which laser treatment is safer?

It is a fact that the much older laser models were known to cause some amount of tissue damage. This resulted in further skin complications. The safety of the treatment is one of the most considered factors when a person wishes to get a tattoo removed. This is important because an unsafe laser treatment may lead to complications. These complications could mean significant damage to the skin. Currently, the most widely accepted laser removal tool is the Q-switched laser model. This is due to its relative safety in removing tattoos. It is also the method with the least amount of side effects/complications. Also, complications from the laser treatment are easy to manage.

Is there any laser treatment that results in lesser pain?

The honest truth about laser tattoo removal is that they all cause a significant amount of pain. This means that all laser treatments are sure to cause some discomfort. However, there are some pain relief methods that can be applied in removing the tattoo to make the process bearable.

Can I get a cheaper treatment?

There are different laser treatments in use for tattoo removal. This means that there’ll naturally be of different prices. The price of the treatment is what you should take a look at when you want to get a tattoo removed. It is not a yardstick to become a cheapskate, as older methods may damage your skin. The prices of the more advanced machines with the latest speeds vary. It is also possible that you may have to pay more than five times the amount you used to get the tattoo.

Which laser treatment can give me the best result?

There is ample evidence on the internet which shows the quality of various laser treatments. These methods apply different speeds and wavelengths. This means that they’ll also have different outcomes. Some lasers work on a specific number of brighter colours. Others work on a number of dark colours. In tattoo removal clinics, there may be a combination of the lasers to effectively remove the tattoo ink.

Can I get a quick-healing laser treatment?

The laser technology currently available has varying speeds in peeling off the embedded ink and tissue. This means that the time may vary. Some laser tech requires only half a dozen or less visits to fully remove the ink. Some other speeds may need you visiting the removal clinic for more than a dozen occasions. This means that you have to find the best method which would make the wound from the tattoo removal heal faster.


When the answers to these questions are satisfactory, you can get on with the laser treatment. The procedures should be clearly explained to you. This gives you an understanding of what you are getting into. If you follow the after-treatment care prescriptions, your skin may not have any scar tissue.

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