New Zealand to hold public ballots for legalizing recreational marijuana – 2020 to lay the foundation for international business

New Zealand is quite famous for the tourism campaigns it offers visitors with. It emphasizes a lot on being a clean and green country and it is expected to turn even greener by the year 2020. A referendum on the legality of recreational use of cannabis is also to be held in New Zealand that year. That makes New Zealand be the first nation in the world that will be putting the legality issue of cannabis for a vote across the country.

The announcements for the reforms

The Justice Minister of the country, Andrew Little confirmed this week that the referendum will be balloted in 2020 along with the due national election. He confirmed to bind to the ballot results. But a bit of detail is still left to work on. It was just a week after the national parliament worked on passing a law to ease the strictness on using medical cannabis. This has turned out to be the latest addition to the list of marijuana business news that is currently trending in the market and things are expected to get modified by many folds. A year is left in between before the big step and it will create a deep impact on the international market of legalizing cannabis usage.

Moreover, unlike the states in the US, the nation will be giving priority to the citizens and this is the first time in the field of the marijuana business. New Zealand has already seen a significant rate of improvement among patients who use medicinal marijuana over the years. With recreational marijuana made legal, it is expected to generate even more rewards – both in terms of economics and the society of the country. Surveys have already come up that state reduction in crime rates after the legalization of recreational use of marijuana across multiple parts of the nation.

An even expanding business for the global market

In terms of liberalization, it is going to be a fierce competition to California and Oklahoma. These two states from the US have also introduced a lot of liberal laws to promote marijuana business and are currently working to turn it into a billion dollar industry. With New Zealand contributing to the purpose, transforming the billion dollar industry into a trillion dollar one is just about a matter of time. It will be making the biggest marijuana business news across the world.

Once the elections go in favor of legalizing marijuana throughout the nation, there will be only three nations that will have fully legalized cannabis in its jurisdiction. A small nation from South America, Uruguay was the first country ever to walk on the steps of legalizing both medicinal and recreational cannabis and Canada followed it this year. Canada is currently the only wealthy nation in the world that has a fully legal market for marijuana. New Zealand has got just a year in between before it finds a place on the list as well.

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