What Christmas dinner looks like around the world?

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With only a few months remaining before 2019 comes to an end and the holiday mood embraces you, we are here to talk about a crucial aspect of Christmas, which is its food. The phrase “unity in diversity” comes out as the most authentic description when we keep the joy-filled purpose of Christmas and the variation of menus that people from all over the world resort to. The following section contains the description of the ritualistic and delicious foods at Christmas dinner that defines the uniqueness of each country.

  • Britain

The constituents of Britain’s Christmas dinner is greatly influenced by its overall culture of vintage royalty. According to the age-old traditions of Britain, turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy, pigs wrapped around in cheese blankets, Brussel sprouts, parsnips and cranberry sauce are indispensable to make the season of holiday a hit.

  • America

America too, just like its predecessor in this list, takes the combination of flavors under serious consideration. However, their traditional dinner follows the path of delicacies curated during Thanksgiving where turkey or ham is the primary attraction. Apart from this, they have innovative stuffing created with mashed potatoes and gravy. An intriguing fact that our readers must know here is that on the day of Christmas, the Jewish mass follows their routine of eating Chinese at the restaurant or in the form of takeaway.

  • Sweden

In Sweden, the usual Christmas dinner arrives on the table following an invariably disciplined pattern. The feast starts with the arrival of cold dishes as appetizers followed my meat and hot food as the entrée and lastly, the desserts. The Christmas dinner layout in Sweden has been assigned a term known as Swedish julbord that signifies the perfect balance of flavor that one gets to taste through the meal. Some of the signature dishes that the table contains are the Christmas ham that is first boiled and then smoothened by a mixture of eggs, mustard, and breadcrumbs and frozen for sometimes as it is meant to be served cold.

  • Japan

Quite different from the rituals followed by the other countries during Christmas, more than home-cooked food, Japan’s Christmas dinner revolves around meals served at KFC and fried chicken is hailed as thereby hailed as the chief content. This fast-food chain runs jam-packed during the period of Christmas which results in people pre-ordering their meals weeks ahead of the particular date. Other than this, the strawberry shortcake and sake are also favored by innumerable citizens to create a fulfilling dining experience.

  • Norway

Norway tops the list when it comes to creating the highest variation of dishes that can be found on a menu of Christmas dinner. Their Christmas Eve commences with the consumption of sauerkraut and boiled potatoes alongside the roasted pork, followed by a steamed sheep's head in whole with the ears and eyes intact. Furthermore, one is meant to eat the ear and eye first, whereas the brain is taken out separately to be served either in a boiled or fried form. Additionally, some households also prefer pork on this occasion and for dessert, there is the undisputed mixture of cloudberries with whipped cream and sugar and known by the name Multekrem.

  • Germany

The German Christmas dinner can be neatly categorized under the three categories of beverages, desserts, and entrée. The main courses contain ducks, geese or rabbits paired with potato and red cabbage dumplings, therefore, creating a harmonious amalgamation of flavors. The beverages, on the other hand, are created from hot mulled wine or regular mulled wine and rum beverage termed as Feuerzangenbowle and Gluhwein. Now, coming to the dessert section, apart from gingerbread houses, the localities delineate a special dish known as pfefferkuchenhaus formed by mixing stolen with spices and dry fruits topped with dry sugar.

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