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The sphere of internet world is increasing as it is reaching different regions of the world. The pace of evolvement is astonishing and brings lot of opportunities for the mobile app development companies. Internet is going to impact our lives in the near future and 2020 will be a year to look out for! The products will be hyper-personalized to fit the customizations. Here are the top five mobile app development trends which you can potentially see booming in 2020!

  1. HealthcareIndustry: Healthcare industry will see a boost towards adoption of mobile apps. A little more than a year ago, people were not inclined towards fitness tracker devices or applications. But lately, rush towards development of apps to gather information on likings, preferences, calories, heart rate and other information is being seen. There are many apps which fail to capture accurate data. The smart devices such as medical equipments, health monitors and portable devices will be built to monitor patient’s health which will call for adoption and configuration of apps to remodel the healthcare industry.
  2. Artificial Intelligence: With Alexa & Siri knocking the doors, Artificial Intelligence will be of great focus in 2020. The mobile app development companies are assisting the consumers and industrialists to grow this industry exponentially. Who thought even adults can have toys? But in 2019, robot devices have become toys for adults! There is lot of data and information available for processing and the idea is to scrub this information to build artificial engineering techniques. Such devices can’t operate in isolation and mobile apps would be require operating them functionally.
  3. Software as a Service (SaaS): With software as a service becoming hot topics for the estimated markets, it will soon have the opportunity to see extensive defence of the company. SaaS and cloud computing go hand in hand wherein a third-party service provider hosts web of services and make them available for global customers. For instance, platforms like Amazon, Facebook marketplace are SaaS which require integration with mobile apps to make lives of people better than ever. The mobile app development companies help in creating unified framework for integration because the applications require high performance thresholds for better user interface.
  4. Smart Home Devices: With increase in popularity of smart devices at home for increased security and convenience, there is lot of scope of exploration in this area. The devices are expected to become highly intuitive and innovative to open doors of home automation for safety and security of people at home. The smart devices can prevent fire and other fatal incidents at home with the help of charms of such devices. These will need requirement of multiplatform app which can take care of demands for both small- and large-scale customers.
  5. Security of information at risk: With ample of devices getting connected to Internet, there would be need of a safe ecosystem where data is not lost. The data repository of internet requires advanced controls and norms to protect loss of data, privacy of data or corruption of data. The increased usage of mobile apps would require additional investment in security features of machine to machine authentication. This would require involvement of all mobile app development companies to build stringent security around data transmission. Malware, phishing, spamming are the few attacks which make the channels insecure. It is important to leverage mobile apps to encrypt the data so that the workplace is secured. Strengthening the security infrastructure has already lot of focus from nations worldwide and is expected to increase owing to boom in the mobile app industry.
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